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Chart Art: Make or Break Levels for the US Dollar Index (DXY) and Bitcoin’s (BTC/USD)’s Trends

Who else is looking at the dollar today? I hope you are because the U.S. dollar index looks ready to extend a downtrend while Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is facing a possible reversal!

3 Simple Tips to Deal with Frustration in Trading

Traders are competitive by nature and it’s this characteristic that makes us vulnerable to being frustrated with losing trades. How can you cope?

Daily Forex News and Watchlist: AUD/JPY

Will banking concerns extend AUD/JPY’s short-term downtrend? I’m looking at an inflection point that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Weekly Technical Outlook: Potential Breakout Patterns on Intel, GALA/USDT, and EUR/AUD

Looking for breakout setups to explore this week? Intel is about to test a range resistance, GALA is in a tight triangle pattern, and EUR/AUD looks ready for a reversal.

A Volatile Time For The EUR/CHF Currency Pair

Quite a lot of news broke last week, much of which influenced the value of the Forex pair EUR/CHF, such as the European Central Bank’s (ECB) monetary policy’s decision, the Credit Suisse saga, as well as worries about the strength of the global financial system.

Week Ahead in FX (Mar. 27 – 31): Light Data to Keep Spotlight on Banking Jitters and Inflation?

The upcoming trading week looks relatively light, but inflation-related data and banking liquidity updates might steal the show.

Remember to Test Your Forex Trading Strategies!

Like any necessary activities in forex trading, testing your strategies can provide you with the tools you need to get that extra edge over the markets.

Daily Forex News and Watchlist: GBP/USD

Flash PMI readings are due from the U.K. and the U.S. in a few hours! Can these be enough to spur a triangle breakout on GBP/USD?

Chart Art: Trend and Range Plays With EUR/USD and AUD/NZD

Whether you’re looking for a dollar play or you’re more into currency crosses, I got yo back with setups on EUR/USD and AUD/NZD!

Commodities Watchlist: Potential Resistance Level For WTI Crude Oil (USOIL)

Risk-taking got traders buying “risky” bets like crude oil this week! But how high can WTI crude oil prices (USOIL) fly with its fundamental and technical challenges?

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