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FDIC coverage limits may be raised above $250,000 again. How experts say you can have more of your deposits insured

President Joe Biden said the FDIC may guarantee deposits above $250,000 again. Experts say it is possible to get more insurance on your deposits on your own.

The IRS has issued nearly 54 million tax refunds. Here’s the average payment

The IRS has issued nearly 54 million tax refunds worth about $158 billion, as of March 17. Here's the average payment.

More millennials are turning 40 — and they're changing travel as we know it

As more millennials turn 40, the travel industry is focusing on meeting their tech and wellness needs as well as their growing families.

Inside a $218 million private island in Palm Beach — Florida's most expensive home for sale

Developers built a brand new house on Tarpon Isle, turned the existing structure into a guest house, and added a giant pool, tennis courts and other amenities.

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew got his start in tech at Facebook—now his app is its biggest competitor

Shou Zi Chew was once a Harvard MBA candidate working a summer internship at Facebook. Now, he's the CEO of Meta's biggest competitor.

Maxima, August and Aurelia: Why Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg keeps naming his kids after Roman emperors

With Aurelia, Zuckerberg now has a triumvirate of children with Roman names.

3 last-minute moves to lower your 2022 tax bill or boost your refund

There's still time to reduce your 2022 tax bill or boost your refund, according to tax experts. Here's what to know before the filing deadline.

Op-ed: Here are 4 key things investors should consider during volatile times

When markets are volatile, it's best to review your game plan to avoid making short-term decisions that impact long-term outcomes, says advisor Ivory Johnson.

Here’s how the IRS says you should handle 1099-K tax reporting mistakes on your return

The IRS updated guidance on how to handle 1099-K tax reporting errors on your return. Here's what to know about payments from apps like Vemno and PayPal.

This LA mansion is staring down an April 1 deadline before the seller loses millions

A new, local mansion tax takes effect in Los Angeles next month, levied upon a seller of any real property that trades for $5 million or more.

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