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Energy Observer: On board the world's first hydrogen-powered boat - CNET

The 100-foot, repurposed catamaran is sailing around the the world to prove that the most abundant element in the universe is key to building a cleaner future.

2021 Ford F-150 driven, 2022 VW Tiguan revealed and more: Roadshow's week in review - Roadshow

Here's a look back at the most important stories from the week ending May 15.

9 great reads on CNET this week: Mass Effect, Chromebooks, James Bond and more - CNET

The Mass Effect video game trilogy makes a comeback, while Chromebooks have proved their staying power. Also: James Bond as career counselor, and much more.

Denon and Marantz AV receivers get free 4K/120Hz video fix, available now - CNET

The fix addresses incompatibility with high frame rate signals from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles.

A pink iPhone 13? Apple, please make this happen - CNET

A dubious photo of an apparent pink iPhone 13 made the rounds on Twitter recently and, actually, this rumor could come true.

Xbox Series X and S are getting Dolby Vision gaming, Microsoft confirms - CNET

Microsoft expands its Xbox Insider program to let users to try out Dolby Vision gaming early. But it's still unclear which games support it.

Preakness Stakes 2021: Post time, TV schedule, how to watch without cable - CNET

You don't need cable to watch the second leg of horse racing's Triple Crown today on NBC.

Brood X cicadas might swarm you if you use power tools at the wrong time - CNET

Turns out the sounds of your power drill sound an awful lot like a mating call.

China Mars rover Zhurong makes historic landing on the red planet - CNET

The arrival of Zhurong on Mars heralds a new era in space exploration for the Chinese space agency.

Get an iPhone 12 Mini for free. Just pay for the line - CNET

Verizon is giving away the iPhone Mini 64GB, or you can pay a few more dollars a month for one with more memory.

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