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Crush those fitness resolutions with hundreds off Bowflex's indoor equipment - CNET

Right now at Best Buy can save up to $1,100 on a Bowflex treadmill or stationary bike to help you get in shape without braving the cold.

Get your personalized PlayStation 2021 year-end report - CNET

See how much you played, where you devoted the most hours and your greatest gaming achievements over the last year.

Google is working on an AR headset, report says - CNET

It's reportedly called Project Iris.

New Wallace and Gromit movie and Chicken Run 2 confirmed by Netflix - CNET

Zachary Levi replaces Mel Gibson in long-awaited sequel Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget from Aardman Animations and Netflix.

IIHS to rate advanced driver assist systems: Not a single technology would pass today - Roadshow

The IIHS hopes the ratings serve as guidelines for the often overstated technologies, which include Tesla's Autopilot and GM's Super Cruise.

Learn a new language or skill with $430 off this Lifetime Learning bundle - CNET

Get unlimited lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills for just $170 right now.

2023 Toyota Sequoia set for reveal next week - Roadshow

Expect a lot of commonality between the new big SUV and the latest Tundra.

Sony expects Microsoft won't pull Activision Blizzard games off PlayStation - CNET

Activision Blizzard makes some of the most popular games for the PS5 and PS4 gaming consoles.

Google will set up blockchain unit, report says - CNET

It'd be the company's first major foray into the blockchain.

Small size, big deal: Save $100 on the powerful and compact M1 Mac Mini - CNET

Grab Apple's smallest desktop computer with 512GB of storage for under $800.

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