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EU Money Laundering Law Won’t Prevent Crypto Payments, Lead Lawmaker Says

The new legislation, which will be put to vote on Tuesday, is set to impose new restrictions on transactions from self-hosted wallets.

Sam Bankman-Fried's Lawyers, Prosecutors Agree on Proposed Bail Conditions

The FTX founder will be given a new phone without internet access and a laptop with limited functionality.

EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine Testnet Goes Live Ahead of April Mainnet Deployment

The network is the final testnet before a mainnet deployment in April as part of a broader revival plan for EOS.

CFTC Could Force Binance to Cease U.S. Operations as Part of Settlement: Bernstein

The crypto exchange will look to safeguard its dominant international business, which is its cash cow, the report said.

Hacker Behind $200M Euler Attack Apologizes, Returns Millions in Ether, Dai to Protocol

The attacker sent over 7,000 ether to Euler Tuesday and seemingly apologized for their actions in a transaction message.

XRP Surges to Five-Month High as Some Point to Bitcoin Commodities Mention

The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) accuses XRP of being an unregistered security in a court case that’s expected to be completed soon.

Disney Lays Off Metaverse Team: WSJ

Fifty people have lost their jobs as Disney disbands its next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences unit as part a company-wide staff reduction.

First Mover Asia: China’s State-Owned Banks Are Soliciting Hong Kong Crypto Business, but Opening an Account Is Hard

Are bitcoin traders shrugging off the CFTC's action against Binance? Or is there just not enough liquidity to go around?

Binance CEO Zhao Calls CFTC Suit an ‘Incomplete Recitation of Facts’

In a blog post, Changpeng Zhao wrote that the company did not agree with the characterization of many of the issues, and touted the exchange’s compliance technology. He also wrote that he had only two Binance accounts.

Judge Puts Voyager Sale to Binance.US on Hold Pending Government Appeal

A federal judge paused Voyager's efforts to sell its assets to Binance.US in response to the U.S. government's filing for an emergency stay.

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