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Good Reads: Insomniarghh is a dream-inducing zine for irregular sleepers

Struggling to get to sleep is never fun, but the anxiety surrounding our new normal has only made it harder to get a good night’s rest over the past year. Last August, a study from the University of Southampton showed that the number of people experiencing insomnia rose from one in six to one in four during the pandemic, with experts dubbing the phenomenon...

Jeanette Winterson’s words get a fresh look in new Vintage series

Born in Manchester and raised by her parents to be a missionary, over the last three decades Jeanette Winterson has established herself as one of the UK’s most celebrated authors. She has been published in 18 countries around the world, and has won numerous awards for her work over the years. Penguin imprint Vintage is looking to introduce Winterson’s...

Guinness celebrates the reopening of UK pubs with a charming new ad

After a long time in lockdown, the UK is slowly beginning to emerge with the cautious reopening of hospitality, arts and other venues for socialising. Next week marks a big moment in the plan, as pubs and restaurants look set to host punters inside once more. Considering the weather in the UK of late, this will make a big difference to the experience...

How brands found their voices during the pandemic – and what comes next

The coronavirus pandemic has hastened an awareness that brands need to consider their tone of voice across all customer touchpoints. It's a long overdue development, says Reed Words' Samuel Pollen The post How brands found their voices during the pandemic – and what comes next appeared first on Creative Review.

Paul Graham on capturing Thatcher’s Britain

In the early 1980s, Paul Graham photographed dole offices across the UK. Originally self-published in 1985, he has worked with Mack to republish the series for a new audience, allowing the opportunity to consider the work from a modern perspective The post Paul Graham on capturing Thatcher’s Britain appeared first on Creative Review.

How I Got Here: Alicia Cheng

Designer, author and now head of design at the Met, Alicia Cheng discusses a career spent in the cultural sphere - from setting up an all-women design collective to the thrill of moving people through an exhibition space The post How I Got Here: Alicia Cheng appeared first on Creative Review.

Illustrator Younsik Woo on sticking to a strict colour palette

Korean illustrator Younsik Woo’s passion for storytelling led her to specialising in animation at university, while also working on cartoons on the side. “I didn’t put too much in illustration at first. But there was a time when I couldn’t move forward with a story I was supposed to publish,” she tells CR. “I drew illustrations to relieve stress. Ironically...

Pinterest unveils an eccentric new brand identity

Brands seem to have a taste for collage at the moment, but the technique feels particularly well suited to Pinterest, which has embedded the art style in its new visual identity. The platform is used for finding inspiration, sharing imagery and creating digital mood boards, lending itself to the cut and paste aesthetic that underpins the new look....

Matter is the latest digital symbol set to become ubiquitous

One of the challenges facing both consumers and developers in the burgeoning Internet of Things market is confusion about whether, when you buy a new device, it will work successfully with your other products. To resolve this problem, over 180 companies working in the IoT space – including massive hitters such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon –...

KFC’s latest campaign shows fans experiencing chicken bliss

KFC’s latest set of posters follows last year’s ill-fated campaign marking the return of the brand’s Finger Lickin’ Good slogan, which was swiftly pulled after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. As with those posters, the new set opts for bold and simple photography and minimal text, this time focusing on the passion biting into a piece of KFC...

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