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Harbor Commodity ETF Supported by Dynamic Tilt Toward Energy

The Harbor Commodity All-Weather Strategy ETF (HGER) is among the top-performing broad commodity ETFs in the past month as of August 2023. HGER’s dynamic approach to commodities investing has recently led the fund to outpace category peers in the same timeframe. HGER adjusts commodity weights based on different market and inflationary regimes, particularly...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 23:28
Capital Group Lists 5 New Active ETFs

Capital Group has launched five active exchange traded funds (ETFs) today on the New York Stock Exchange. Among the new funds is the firm’s first multi-asset ETF, along with two fixed income and two equity ETFs. The Capital Group Core Balanced ETF (NYSE Arca: CGBL) provides a balanced approach to total return consistent with the [...] The post Capital...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 23:28
Avantis Launches U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF

Avantis Investors has launched the Avantis U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (NYSE Arca: AVLC) on the New York Stock Exchange. AVLC invests primarily in a diverse group of U.S. companies across market sectors and industry groups. AVLC targets companies expected to have higher returns by placing an emphasis on stocks with higher profitability and value [...]...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 23:28
ETF of the Week: MUSQ Global Music Industry ETF (MUSQ)

VettaFi’s vice chairman Tom Lydon discussed the MUSQ Global Music Industry ETF (MUSQ) on this week’s “ETF of the Week” podcast with Chuck Jaffe of “Money Life.” For more news, information, and analysis, visit VettaFi | ETF Trends. The post ETF of the Week: MUSQ Global Music Industry ETF (MUSQ) appeared first on ETF Trends.

Thu Sep 28, 2023 23:28
Geopolitics Adds to India ETF Case in EPI

Investors may not always think about the geopolitics happening in their portfolios, but managers likely are. When Russia invaded Ukraine, global markets took notice and reacted accordingly, with energy prices seeing the most impact. Similarly, ever-simmering tension and trade drama between China and the U.S. over semiconductors has changed the nature...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 23:28
Vanguard to Launch 2 Active Fixed Income ETFs Later This Year

Vanguard plans to launch two active fixed income ETFs at the end of the year. They are the Vanguard Core Bond ETF (VCRB) and the Vanguard Core-Plus Bond ETF (VPLS). The funds are designed to provide clients with single-fund fixed income holdings broadly diversified across sectors, credit qualities, and maturities. The active mandates of these [...]...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 23:28

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