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When Will the Yield Curve “Un”Invert?

By Kevin Flanagan, Head of Fixed Income Strategy Key Takeaways The UST yield curve has been inverted, but there is speculation about when it will “un”invert and move out of negative territory. Short-term and long-term rates do not always move in the same direction, and the magnitude of their movement affects yield curve developments. The potential for...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 22:49
The Next Chance at Nvidia-like Returns

No investor wants to miss the wave of a massive, transformational technology. Spot these big shifts early, and you have a chance at Nvidia-like returns. I believe one of these transformational shifts is coming. Last week I told Macro Advantage members that for all the promises made around artificial intelligence, which are often well founded, AI will...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 18:46
Moat Stocks Steady Amid Tech’s Market Surge

By Coulter Regal, CFA, Product Manager As U.S. equities climbed, Morningstar’s Moat Index kept its value bias, offering a diversifier from concentration risk and the SMID Moat Index shifted from tech to materials and utilities as it seeks valuation opportunities. U.S. equities climbed higher in June as the S&P 500 posted its seventh positive month...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 18:46
NUGT & DUST: Prospecting Precious Metal Miners

Editor’s note: Any and all references to time frames longer than one trading day are for purposes of market context only, and not recommendations of any holding time frame. Daily rebalancing ETFs are not meant to be held unmonitored for long periods. If you don’t have the resources, time or inclination to constantly monitor and manage [...] The post...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 23:05
Why Commodities Like Silver, Oil And Gold Are Soaring Amid Inflation

If you were in charge of the Fourth of July spread last week, you probably noticed a hike in prices. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the cost of a typical Independence Day spread for 10 people jumped to $71.22 this year, up 5% from last year and a whopping 30% from five years ago. That [...] The post Why Commodities Like Silver,...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 19:02
How India’s Digital Economy Compares to China

By Angus Shillington, Deputy Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity; John Patrick Lee, CFA, Product Manager The compelling investment opportunity in India’s consumer internet sector is driven by a combination of supportive infrastructure, favorable regulatory conditions, and a burgeoning startup ecosystem. In the consumer internet sector, major...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 19:02

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