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Tax loss harvesting: an investment tactic that has gone too far

Rich people finding tax loopholes isn’t a new concept but do authorities need to toughen rules on wash sales?

Rising interest rates bring German luxury property to a standstill

Cities see prime property sales dwindle as sellers refuse to budge on price and buyers will not pay

‘All we’re asking is for a level playing field’: black entrepreneurs in the UK

Despite steps to support small black-owned businesses, there still remains a lack of support or funding for those trying to break through the glass ceiling

Gold still adds a little lustre to a very well-diversified portfolio

Volatility in prices has taken the sheen off the metal as a safe-haven asset — though the rich still like their jewellery

The best people to convince the rich to pay more tax are . . . the rich

Funding the state only really works as a collective endeavour, which requires serious peer pressure

Why ‘buy, borrow, die’ tax strategy could become ‘buy, borrow, pray’

Peloton’s share slump, making things ugly for founder John Foley’s personal finances, is a cautionary tale for the ultra-rich

Compliance checks come with the territory

Strict rules affect high-earning professionals but help is at hand to cut through the red tape

Split decisions: how siblings succeed — and fail — in business together

Family relationships can be a source of both solidarity and tensions, so the ability to define boundaries is crucial

Achieving long-term financial security is about investing adventurously now

Too many of us start out with wrong maps and keep our vehicles in the lower gear

Talk of the town: why prime property buyers are sticking to central London

Sterling’s weakness against the dollar — in which many hold their wealth — is an important factor

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