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Bluer Skies Ahead

Covid-19 has brought so much loss and hardship, but there was at least one pleasant surprise for Beijing - less hazy skies and air pollution. Today on The Indicator, the concept of experience goods. How you don't know the value of something until you actually experience it. And how in Beijing there were blue skies during the COVID lockdown.

Millennial Myth-Busters: Housing Edition

It's time to bust some myths about millennials... real estate edition! Millennials are a big part of the real estate boom this year. How did that happen? We speak to an industry insider and an economist to find out more.

Why Is The Fed So Boring?

Fed Chair Jerome Powell will speak tomorrow. His words will likely be boring, but the financial markets are watching carefully. Such words seem to have serious implications. Why is that?

Is Movie Night Back?

Many people will watch movies on a big screen this summer, but the pandemic fundamentally changed the industry. How can movie theaters survive and possibly thrive post-pandemic?

Taxes, Oil Prices And Why We're All Quitting Our Jobs: Indicators Of The Week

It's time for the Indicators Of The Week! Our three indicators are: tax, oil, and jobs. We will cover their importance and how they are relevant to Bono, the Ford F-150, and Kim Kardashian.

The Case For Inflation

The latest Consumer Price Index reveals 5% inflation over the last year. Should we be worried? Treasury Secretary Yellen says no. Two economists argue yes. The Indicator presents... the inflation hawks!

Women, Work And The Pandemic

Millions of women left the workforce during the pandemic. Today, a story about a mother's tough decision to leave work and an economist's view on the labor market for women during the pandemic.

Wagyu Steaks And Worker Shortages: The Beigie Awards

The Indicator gives out the special Beigie Award eight times each year, and it's that time today! We are honoring the Federal Reserve branch that told the story of beef. Yes, premium cuts!

A Technology Tale: David Beats Goliath

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software and many people's communications lifeline during COVID. How did the tiny company beat tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Cisco?

Jobs Friday: Rise Of The Self Employed

It's Jobs Friday! It's not exactly the jobs report we wanted, but there were some bright spots. On the Indicator, we discuss the rise in self employment.

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