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With Social Prescribing, Art and Volunteering Can Be Medicine

Prescriptions for social activities, exercise and the arts — first popularized in Britain — are coming to America. But some experts say the U.S. health care system may get in the way.

Wed Apr 17, 2024 21:24
Long-Acting Drugs May Revolutionize H.I.V. Prevention and Treatment

New regimens in development, including once-weekly pills and semiannual shots, could help control the virus in hard-to-reach populations.

Wed Apr 17, 2024 20:54
Sophie Kinsella, ‘Shopaholic’ Author,’ Says She Has Brain Cancer

The author of the best-selling book series said she had been undergoing treatment for glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, after a diagnosis in 2022.

Wed Apr 17, 2024 19:52
Sleep Apnea Reduced in People Who Took Zepbound, Eli Lilly Reports

The company reported results of clinical trials involving Zepbound, an obesity drug in the same class as Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy.

Wed Apr 17, 2024 13:23
Women Talk Through Their Abortions on TikTok

At a time of heightened confusion and legal battles over access to abortion, women are looking to social media for answers.

Wed Apr 17, 2024 12:54
U.S. to Limit Deadly Mining Dust as Black Lung Resurges

Federal regulation capping toxic airborne silica has been decades in the making. The delay has cost miners dearly.

Tue Apr 16, 2024 15:50

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