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New Premiere Pro Public Beta: Adobe Reimages Import/Export Workflows

Say hello to a completely new reimaging to Adobe Premiere Pro’s import, export, and header bar applications!

To Break or Not to Break: The Significance of the 180-Degree Rule

We dare to challenge one of the most famous, yet controversial, rules in film and video production. But, we're not the only ones . . .

Cable Management for the Modern-Day Filmmaker

Let’s look at some of the best practices and products you can use to tame your wires and create a clean camera build.  Cables everywhere. It’s a …

The Infamous Mirror Shot: How Filmmakers Make Cameras Disappear

Learn how filmmakers deal with and remove visible cameras when shooting mirror shots with these filmmaking hacks. In art and literature, there are many timeless themes that …

Editor James K. Crouch on Editing a Feature Film During COVID

We chat with editor James K. Crouch about what he learned from editing the Tribeca feature film 12 Mighty Orphans during COVID-19 lockdowns. One of the highlights …

The Smartphone Gimbal Setup: Tricky Transitions for Your Next Project

Let’s explore some of the best transitions you can use with a smartphone and gimbal setup for your next project. While the debate on whether smartphones should …

5 Tips for Keeping Your Tripod Shots Stable and Wobble-Free

Don’t let your tripod camera shots wobble! Use these simple tricks to keep your static camera stable. Camera stability issues are most likely to occur when your …

The 5 Genre Filmmaking Elements Every Rom-Com Needs

Let’s explore the filmmaking elements every rom-com needs to be successful, focusing on different writing, lighting, and editing techniques.

Are We Using Diffusion Filters for the Right Reason?

If it's trending it's cool, right? Let's explore this by diving into the uses for a diffusion filter and what it can do for your next project.

Filmmaking Trends: Why Shallow Focus Cinematography Is Here to Stay

Everything you need to know about that shallow depth of field look, and why it's more than a trend at this point.

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