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Master thesis - Multidimensional Spectral Clustering [Project], [Research]

I am about to choose my topic for Master thesis and I just thought about spectral clustering algorithm. I am not much into this topic and I am wondering if somebody has more experience with this and could help me.I was thinking about taking this algorithm to multidimensional level e.g. take multiple pairs of classes in huge dataset and try to take decision...

PhD Studentship for UK/International Applicants in AI Driven Population Health Study

PhD Studentship in AI Driven Population Health Study : Improving medication verification for cancer patients Applications are invited for a three-year PhD studentship. The studentship will start on 1 October, 2021, or as soon as possible after that. Project Description Medication errors, including those in prescribing, dispensing, or administration...

[D] Machine Learning - WAYR (What Are You Reading) - Week 115

This is a place to share machine learning research papers, journals, and articles that you're reading this week. If it relates to what you're researching, by all means elaborate and give us your insight, otherwise it could just be an interesting paper you've read. Please try to provide some insight from your understanding and please don't post things...

[Project] Use GAN to create people with different heights

Hey everyone :) I am currently working on a project but I am new to GAN (and also kind of new to ML) and wanted to ask if the following project is possible with GANs / if GANs are powerful enough: If I have a lot of pictures of objects, e.g. humans, and they vary all a little bit in their size. For example I have images of people with a height of 1.70m,...

[P] GAN Prior Embedded Network for Blind Face Restoration in the Wild

submitted by /u/beleeee_dat [link] [comments]

[D]What do you think about this „Don‘t learn Deep Learning“ post?

Here is an interesting post I have found: I am grad student by the way. I thought about taking a course on DL after two ML courses but now i am not quite sure if it wouldn‘t be better to take something else… submitted by /u/Peter2448 [link] [comments]

[P] Principal Component Analysis on Crowdedness at the Campus Gym dataset.

submitted by /u/Sunny_Smashes [link] [comments]

[P] TorchSR, Image superresolution for pytorch

Hi all, I started torchSR, a package for super-resolution networks written in Pytorch. It's inspired by torchvision, and should feel familiar to torchvision users. Check it out! Low-resolution image, super-resolution (x4) and ground truth At the moment, I implemented many datasets, the most popular models (EDSR, RCAN, ...), and a number of network improvements...

[D] How to create a pre-training model for three different datasets?

I know a simple way, if I a dataset, I train a CNN model and I get a pretraining model. But if I have three different datasets, x-ray, ct-scan, MRI. I cant combine them to a single dataset as the model will learn the dataset instead of classes as data characteristics are different. So if I train the model on one dataset, then 2nd, then third. Will all...

[R] Adversarial Transferability and Beyond - Link to free zoom lecture by the authors in comments

submitted by /u/pinter69 [link] [comments]

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