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What's on your bookshelf?: Special super secret bonus edition

Hello reader who is also a reader, and welcome back to Booked For The Week - our regular Sunday chat with a selection of cool industry folks about books! Something magical has happened! And by magical, I mean that I’ve bollocksed it up. Through a web of devious plots and shocking coincidences too labyrinthine to list here, I’ve gone and messed up...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 18:20
The Sunday Papers

Sundays are, at least in part, for you reading this column. You cannot disprove this. Tremble before my omniscience. That, or just read this week’s best writing about games (and game related things!)For Aftermath, Luke Plunkett gave a platform to several Kotaku Australia staff to write about their time with the site. The actual staff were locked out...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 13:01
A big Steam sale of IGF award winners and finalists is now underway

There are a lot of video game awards and most of them are simply popularity contests, and therefore also stinky borefests. The one that isn't, in my eyes, is the yearly Independent Games Festival awards - the IGFs. The IGF Celebration Days Steam sale provides plenty of examples as to why, with discounts from now until July 20th on winners and...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 01:32
The closed beta for Concord, Sony's new hero shooter, is underway - and the open beta arrives on Thursday

The Concord beta is now underway for folks who pre-ordered Sony's upcoming hero shooter or who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. If that's you, you should be able to grab the PC version from Steam and play from now until July 14th. Read more

Sun Jul 14, 2024 00:20
The Driver TV series is dead, but other "exciting projects" are in the works

The Driver TV series you forgot was happening isn't happening. Announced back in 2021 and initially due to arrive alongside a gamer-focused streaming service called Binge in 2022, the live action series has been scrapped along with the production company behind it. Perhaps of greater significance is that the Driver series itself might not be dead,...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 23:48
What are we all playing this weekend?

Ollie has fallen foul of Big Ill once more, so I’ve emerged from my cave, brushed the stalactites from my hair, picked the luminescent beetles from my beard, and put together this week’s column. Would you like a beard beetle, reader? I have many of them. Oh, how they glow! That was a trick question. The beetles are mine and mine alone. You will have...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 10:04

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