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Advanced Keyword Research with Semrush (Ft. Keyword Magic Tool)

This guide will show you how to find the best keywords for your article’s structure and for getting a featured snippet using the full power of the Semrush Keyword Tool.

How To Use Hashtags To Increase Your Reach on Social Media

Want to dive into the world of hashtags but don’t know where to start? Check out this blog to learn all about hashtags.

Exploring the Key Mobile Traffic Trends for 2022: Is the Pandemic Still Defining the State of Mobile Search?

In this post, we explore mobile data from our recent State of Mobile study to uncover recent trends and look toward the future of mobile search. Looking forward, will mobile trends rise or decline? How has the app landscape changed? What channels drive the most mobile traffic? We‘ll answer these questions and more!

The Top 10 CRM Tools for Small Businesses in 2022

Looking for the top CRM software for small businesses (SMBs) and startups? Here are the best sales tools and platforms to help your company with customer relationship management.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Request for Proposal (with an RFP Template!)

Requests for proposals (RFPs) can make life so much easier for business owners. Check out this guide to learn what should be included in an RFP and download a free template.

Image SEO and Alt Tags: 10 Image Optimization Tips

Google Images gets millions of searches per month. Learn how to use image SEO to get more traffic to your site.

SEO Split Test Result: Will Removing Many H1s Improve Clicks to Page?

Would changing an article page with many H1s to a singleton H1 and converting the remainder to tags improve clicks to the pages? Read the short case study to find out.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses: Why, How and When? [Research-Backed Guide]

Content marketing can move your small business forward—if done right! Discover our research-baked insights and tips from industry experts sharing their thoughts on everything from content strategy to content operations and distribution.

A 6-Step Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media for small businesses can be crucial to growth and success. Make an impact on your small business with this guide to social media.

How to Expose Your Competitors in One Click with Domain Analytics 

Domain Analytics can provide you with a number of top-level insights into your competitors. We’ll show you how right here.

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