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Is a billionaire space race good for the industry?

Jeff Bezos revealed last week that he'll go on the first crewed New Shepard flight next month, helping skyrocket bids for a seat on the flight. Jeff Foust reports on how a new competition between Bezos and Richard Branson to be the first to go to space may be brewing, one that has both benefits and risks for the industry.

Giant ferocious steps from Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin's motto, in English, is "step by step ferociously." Sam Dinkin argues that the company's steps in both suborbital spaceflight and lobbying Congress for the Human Landing System have become more ferocious.

Sword and shield: defending against an American anti-satellite weapon during the Cold War

In the early 1980s, the CIA studied potential Soviet responses to an air-launched ASAT weapon the US was then developing. Dwayne Day examines what that newly declassified report revealed about the CIA's thinking, some of which remains applicable nearly 40 years later.

Review: Losing the Sky

Two years after astronomers became alarmed about the impacts of SpaceX's Starlink satellites, megaconstellations remain a concern for the field. Jeff Foust reviews a book that explains the effects such satellites could have on astronomy and ways to address the problem.

Peeking behind the iron curtain: National Intelligence Estimates and the Soviet space program

During the Cold War, the CIA produced a regular series of reports on the Soviet space program, which are now being gradually declassified. Dwayne Day examines what is new in a pair of such reports that went through a second declassification review.

Venus is hot again

Last week, NASA selected proposals for two Venus spacecraft as the next in its Discovery program of planetary science missions. Jeff Foust reports on how exploration of the planet is making a comeback after a long hiatus.

Revisiting the past's future: ongoing ruminations about "For All Mankind"

"For All Mankind," the television series about an alternate history of space exploration, recently concluded its second season. Emily Carney and Dwayne Day discuss some of the storylines and other topics about the series.

Review: Light in the Darkness

Two years ago, scientists celebrated the first image of a black hole, the product of a large team of scientists spanning the globe. Jeff Foust reviews a book by one of the leading scientists of the Event Horizon Telescope about that project and studies of black holes in general.

An aggressive budget for more than just Earth science

The Biden Administration had long made clear that climate change would be a priority, but what that meant for NASA's Earth science programs was unclear. Jeff Foust reports on what we now know about new Earth science missions in NASA's budget proposal and the implications for other parts of NASA's science portfolio.

Should India join China and Russia's Lunar Research Station?

China and Russia are seeking potential partners for a lunar exploration effort that may one day include a crewed base at the south pole of the Moon. Ajey Lele examines if India should consider cooperating on that effort.

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