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3DMAX qualify for Skyesports Championship

The Frenchmen outmatched BLEED 3-1 in the Europe qualifier's grand final.

Sun Jun 16, 2024 02:04
NAVI move past VP to book final versus Spirit

NAVI have secured a place in a grand final for the first time since PGL Major Copenhagen.

Sun Jun 16, 2024 01:05
mezii: "I feel like I've found my place within the team"

Despite failing to win a trophy this season with Vitality, mezii was able to see the positives.

Sun Jun 16, 2024 00:05
chopper calls circles around Vitality to secure Spirit grand finals in London

A masterclass in calling on Dust2 and Anubis from Spirit's captain left apEX with his head in his hands multiple times during the series.

Sat Jun 15, 2024 23:05
The MongolZ eliminated as ESL Challenger Jönköping reaches playoffs

Losses to Falcons and Aurora have kept The MongolZ from vying for another LAN title.

Sat Jun 15, 2024 21:03
Into the Breach announce Keoz signing

Just one more roster opening remains on ITB.

Sat Jun 15, 2024 20:03

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