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Wildcard complete lineup with susp and phzy

The North American side have rounded out their ranks with European talent.

Sun Jul 14, 2024 23:39
Four of the most hype transfers that ultimately flopped

There have been plenty of blockbuster moves across CS history, but which earned the highest billing only to flop spectacularly?

Sun Jul 14, 2024 21:37
Fantasy Fall Season 2024 to kick off with $10,000 up for grabs

The Esports World Cup is set to act as the inaugural event of the new fantasy season.

Sun Jul 14, 2024 19:36
Esports World Cup 2024 teams, format, schedule, talent, prizes, fantasy

Tier-one LAN Counter-Strike is back with the first edition of Esports World Cup.

Sun Jul 14, 2024 13:35
New TSM debuts with SkinClub Summer Cup win

The organization's overhauled Danish lineup beat Sashi in the grand final to take home $12,864.

Sun Jul 14, 2024 00:39
Rare Atom qualify for BLAST Fall Showdown

Rare Atom converted upon their win over The MongolZ in the group stage by beating TYLOO in the final.

Sat Jul 13, 2024 21:38

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