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Why You Get Your Best Ideas in the Shower

I have long since gotten out of the habit of writing down my best ideas in felt-tip pen. Felt-tip ink runs, after all, and half of the time I have a brainstorm to record I am dripping wet. That’s because more often than not I have dashed straight from the shower. I am not remotely alone in finding the shower a wonderful place to be wildly...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 17:50
People Still Misunderstand Trauma, Says ‘Body Keeps the Score’ Author Bessel van der Kolk

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk has spent 30 years figuring out why people behave so strangely. His specialty is treating those who have endured traumas so horrific—war, carnage, incredible pain that they couldn’t stop—that their brains have not been able to fully process them, and their bodies have reacted to their brain’s precarious state in...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 17:20
American Who Made Social Media Threats Against Taylor Swift Detained Ahead of German Concert

BERLIN — An American man who made threats against Taylor Swift on social media was detained ahead of her first concert in the German city of Gelsenkirchen and will be kept in custody until her shows there are over, police said Thursday. The suspected stalker, a 34-year-old whose name wasn’t released, had a ticket to Swift’s concert...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 17:20
More Americans Apply for Jobless Benefits as Layoffs Settle at Higher Levels in Recent Weeks

U.S. filings for unemployment benefits rose again last week and appear to be settling consistently at a slightly higher though still healthy level. Jobless claims for the week ending July 13 rose by 20,000 to 243,000 from 223,000 the previous week, the Labor Department reported Thursday. The total number of Americans collecting...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 16:21
U.K. Foreign Secretary Addresses Calling Trump a ‘Neo-Nazi-Sympathizing Sociopath’

David Lammy became the U.K. Foreign Secretary earlier this month after the Labour Party defeated the Conservative Party in the July 4 general election. Lammy had previously served as the Shadow Foreign Secretary since 2021, and held various positions prior to that, having been elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Labour Party...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 15:51
What Emily Post and Daniel of Beccles Can Teach Us About Civility Today

In the wake of the assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump, we’re reminded that we are living in what many people call “uncivil times.” Growing extremism, hyper-partisanship, and political violence around the world—not to mention the daily, low-grade discourteousness we encounter in our daily live—all point out the vexing...

Thu Jul 18, 2024 14:23


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