Create Active Search

This method creates new active search for current user.

Creating of a new active search follows user account limitations.

Accepted are only POST requests


Request parameters:
JSON object of the active search with structure:

Example of POST payload:
    "term": "amazing",
    "filter_type": "subscription",
    "filter_id": "feed/",
    "article_ids": [12363668564,12361058806,12329220375,12314369383],
    "search_filters": "all",
    "search_match": "all_words"

Detailed description:

Response HTTP codes. Response messages are in the body:

- 200 - {"id":"user\/1005921515\/label\/term_title3","title":"term_title3"}.
- 400 - Typical API errors :
- 202 - JSON response with "error", full detailed object with errors during process of validation. If creation failed because of: