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Rate limiting

In order to protect the backend we have placed default rate limits, which are accounted on a daily basis.
The API methods are grouped into two zones with different limits.

Here's the list of API methods and their corresponding zones:

Method Zone
/reader/api/0/token 1
/reader/api/0/save-user-pref 2
/reader/api/0/user-info 1
/reader/api/0/preference/list 1
/reader/api/0/preference/stream/list 1
/reader/api/0/preference/stream/set 2
/reader/api/0/tag/list 1
/reader/api/0/subscription/list 1
/reader/api/0/mark-all-as-read 2
/reader/api/0/mark-all-as-read-undo 2
/reader/api/0/subscription/quickadd 2
/reader/api/0/subscription/edit 2
/reader/api/0/unread-count 1
/reader/api/0/edit-tag 2
/reader/api/0/rename-tag 2
/reader/api/0/disable-tag 2
/reader/atom 1
/reader/api/0/stream/contents 1
/reader/api/0/stream/items/contents 1
/reader/api/0/stream/items/ids 1


The default limits are as follow:

Zone Limit
Zone 1 100 requests per day
Zone 2 100 requests per day


Limits can only be increased for developers who want to create publicly available apps on platforms where Inoreader is not available or by purchasing an Custom Inoreader plan.

Contact us if you need an increase.


You can monitor your usage from the Developer panel in Inoreader:

You can also track the usage programmatically. For each API request, there are 4 response headers containing your limits and the current usage, as well as a counter, telling you in how many seconds the timer will reset.

X-Reader-Zone1-Limit: 10000
X-Reader-Zone2-Limit: 2000
X-Reader-Zone1-Usage: 1138
X-Reader-Zone2-Usage: 603
X-Reader-Limits-Reset-After: 1416
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