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Besoins particuliers ? Nous avons ce qu'il vous faut ! Contactez-nous et nous créerons un compte d'essai en fonction de vos besoins.

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Découvrez comment Inoreader peut améliorer votre travail d'équipe

Créez des chaînes privées, partagez du contenu et collaborez avec vos coéquipiers

Tableau de bord de l'équipe

Le tableau de bord de votre équipe est l'endroit où vous aurez un aperçu organisé de l'activité des membres de votre équipe.

Chaînes de l'équipe

Créez un nombre illimité de chaînes avec différents sujets d'intérêt et ajoutez les membres respectifs de l'équipe.

Activité de l'équipe

Restez en contact avec votre équipe en suivant les mises à jour en temps réel.

Dossiers d'équipe

Share collected feeds with a single click – a great onboarding solution for new team members.

Digest d'email

Envoyez automatiquement des courriels programmés contenant du contenu sélectionné à partir de votre compte Équipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Team members enjoy the benefits of an Inoreader Pro subscription as long as they are part of the Team. In addition to that, the Team can also:

  • Share Team folders with feeds
  • Create Team channels
  • Compose and schedule email digests
  • Manage access with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Integrate with Slack/Microsoft Teams

Please contact us, and we'll arrange a test drive for you.

You can purchase a Team plan directly from our pricing page or contact us to help set the Team settings. You will then decide on the Team’s name and description and invite your teammates.

Your subscription defines your plan. For example, with a Team 5 plan, you can invite up to 4 other people except yourself; with a Team 10 plan, you can invite up to 9 other people, etc. You can remove people that no longer belong to your organization. Doing so will allow you to free spots for your new colleagues.

You can contact us, and we'll discuss your needs and offer the right Team setting.

You invite people with the Add members (+) button below your Team name. They will receive a confirmation mail with an activation link. Once they accept the invitation, they will become members, and you can add them to the Team channels.

When you go to Inoreader, you will see a list of all team members. You can choose the Remove option and then click Save Team.

On the Team page, there is a dashboard with an activity log. This log stores information about activities like article broadcasts, history of digests, Team folders and channel creation, etc.

A channel is where you and your team will broadcast content. It is a collaborative space where each member of the Team can contribute by sharing articles. The channels allow integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Every channel has an admin who can invite and remove members.

With the Inoreader Team plans, you can create as many Team channels as you want. It is up to you to decide how to organize them.

The admin of each channel can add people from the Team channel settings. They can also remove members when necessary.

You and your teammates can broadcast articles to a Team channel manually or automatically - using rules, for example.

A shared asset that empowers the entire Team by segregating personal feeds from organizational resources. These dynamic folders allow admins to add or remove feeds at any time, ensuring that relevant content is always displayed in all member accounts.

The Team digests are automated email reports you can schedule according to your needs. They are perfect for regular wrap-ups, reporting to the management, or external clients and users. You decide what information to include in the digest, its schedule, and the recipients.

All Тeam plans have automatic rebilling enabled. If you cancel your rebilling or there’s an issue processing your payment, your plan might expire. We will inform you of the expiration date early enough, and you will have time to react.